「Find the sparkling moment in life 」をコンセプトに、2018年より活動している。





山田ゆかりの作品はコンセプトの「Find the sparkling moment in life 」を柱に制作されているが、その中に4つのアプローチが存在する。

第1、抽象画の「In short measures life may perfect be.」。



第2、写真と絵画のコラボで抽象率の高い「I happy am, Joy is my name.」。


第3、写真と絵画のコラボで写実寄りの「Sweet joy befall thee!」。


第4、水滴をあしらったアート写真の「All’s right with the world!」。






Born in Tokyo.

Based on the concept of “Find the sparkling moment in life”, she has been working on uncharted world of modern art since 2018.

Focusing on people’s daily life, she expresses unforgetable “tokimeki” moments by her unique creation of the happiness collaboration of abstract paintings and photographs.

She hopes that through her work, she could share the happiness of being able to spend everyday life and the joy of the heart that has been tended to be slowed down with the evolution of modern technology.


Artist intention

Yukari Yamada’s work is based on the theme of “Find the sparkling moment in life”, and there are four approaches in it.

First, the abstract painting to express the idea of “In short measures life may perfect be.”

She draws mainly on the work which visualizes the charm of the music with which she grew up as a violin player for 20 years.

In particular, there are many things that change the position of the light so that the brightness changes, and viewers could enjoy the music beamed from the paintings with the change of the light by the time of day.

Second, the highly abstract combination of photos and paintings”I happy am, Joy is my name.”

The luster and strength of a single frame cut from a usual daily life are expressed by her magically colorful arts.

Third, the close encounter with realism and abstraction “Sweet joy befall thee!”

This shows the vividness and freshness of people’s mind hidden but cut off from a usual daily life.

She extracts various sentments and moods by her imaginative approach.

Fourth, the artistic photograph of “All’s right with the world!”

She expresses the small happiness that exists in everyday life, which people tend to forget in their busy daily life, like the water that is dissolved in the air.

Water in the air and water drops that can not be confirmed with the naked eye are projected as water dropletson her works to encourage viewer’s awareness and discovery.

Each approach title is taken from the classic English poem favored by Yukari Yamada.

She wishes viewers travel with her works and enjoy an artistic journey of finding the sparkling moment.

She learned such an idea from her own experiences at the early days of living abroad and dealing with diverse arts and music.

She also found the sparkling world while she later worked as a photographer.